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I came to The UNITED STATES in 1966, to study insurance at The College of Insurance in New York, while I was appointed as special insurance  envoy to American insurance and financial institutions in the U.S.                                                  
I finished my studies in 1971 and was recognized as a “special student”.

I was also appointed as an ECONOMIC AND INSURANCE COLUMNIST to interview economic, and insurance personalities in the U.S. in order to provide analysis and articles for various magazines, such as Tehran Economist,.

Furthermore, I completed numerous insurance, financial, and management training courses in the U.S.  My insurance/activities have been profiled in different publications in Iran, and the U.S.

My GLOSSARY OF INSURANCE and GLOSSORY OF BANKING in Farsi, and English were taught in many banking, insurance, and financial institutions, and has been registered in the library of the congress.

I was also the department supervisor in one of the largest insurance companies in Beverly Hills, California. Afterwards, I established my own M.E. School of Insurance, training and teaching insurance, economics, and sales psychology to more than a hundred successful agents and managers of insurance companies, in Los Angeles

I also established U. S. Arm Recovery Consultant Inc. in Los Angeles, California; a rare and unique loan auditing, and consulting company.
I have numerous letters of appreciation from almost every large insurance company in L.A.,
Finally, I am licensed with California Department of Insurance # 0639309 and have been an insurance agent for past 45 years and have dealt with most A+ rated insurance companies.
These experiences and knowledge of the insurance industry help me approach insurance from various angels.
I am willing to assist you in your life insurance needs and share my knowledge and experience with you in the most professional, and ethical way.






Interviewing Mr. Robert Thompson, N.Y. stock market chief, in Wall St. N.Y.

Receiving honorary plaque from Museum of Insurance in New York

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